Why Choose IEC ?

“We partner with you to help you do what you do best.”
"We help you in reducing your cost, save time, simplify your supply chain and parts / components procurement."
"We adapt to your changing business requirements."

Why should your company choose to work with IEC? The reasons are many. By choosing IEC you know you will be working with experts in the field of printed circuit board assembly. Our level of customer service is second to none. When you work with the team at IEC, you know you have a business partner that can help your company adapt to changing business' needs. Being in a global marketplace means that adaptability and flexibility are two of the most important qualities a company can have. Also, working with us allows you to focus on what your company’s goals are, while leaving the rest to us. We handle the PCB layout, fabrication, component procurement and assembly for you.

IEC is an expert in both Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) services. We also source hundreds to thousands of components every day. The knowledge of our team ensures you are getting the highest quality components from the many distributors we have ongoing relationships with, at the most competitive prices. Our manufacturing capabilities will ensure that you won’t have to endure the typical issues associated with dealing with multiple electronic manufacturers at the same time.

Many of our clients tell us that they have chosen to maintain a relationship with us because of our ability to reduce their costs. We have a comprehensive program that is specifically adapted to your business’ needs. The professionalism and expertise of our engineers will exceed all of your expectations.

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Creating Advantages Through Assembly Innovation

Our focus on high quality and responsive electronic services results in partnerships that yield profits for our customers.