Rapid Prototyping

IEC’s turnkey PCB assembly service will enable your company to turn your innovative ideas into reality in less time than you ever thought possible. We utilize the same effective methods in our prototyping services as well. You can expect a quick turnaround time with the final product, built to your exact specifications, typically being delivered in about two weeks. The most cost effective methods are always used by our team of expert engineers and manufacturing staff, which includes solder techs, SMT process engineers, and purchasing associates.

We work with top quality component distributors including Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet and Future. Our team can also source hard to find components when needed. If the clients needed parts or components are not available, we are able to cross reference components to find exactly what is needed for the PCB assembly. We can smoothly transition our clients’ PCB designs from the parts sourcing stage to the prototyping and assembly stages through to the prototyped final product. Our manufacturing process uses both automated and manual component loading procedures. The prototyping process can be done in just two weeks time, barring any supply chain obstacles. We make certain to keep our clients completely informed through every step of the process. If any complications surface they are immediately communicated allowing IEC and our client to partner in the decision making process. The client is always in control of the final product.

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