Quality Management

Complete process managed as per ISO standards
Vendor evaluation and regular audits to ensure highest quality component procurement
Work in process instruction development
Quality control of arriving materials
Quality control of manufacturing process
In process quality testing and final testing
Quality Audits
Quality Customer Care

At IEC we have procedures in place to comply with ISO standards to ensure that we exceed your standards every time. From the component procurement process through to the final inspection, we have quality checks at each step of assembly to make sure no detail is overlooked. We conduct regular supplier evaluations and audits. We also perform a preliminary contract review with every customer. Every PCB goes through accurate work-in-progress inspections, final testing and inspection and final quality audits. All final products are approved prior to packing and shipment.

Product quality begins with a quality supply chain. On a regular basis the team at IEC evaluates each one of its current and prospective suppliers to certify that their quality standards for their components and materials match the standards set by the management of IEC. We work with our suppliers to create ways they can further improve the quality of their materials.

To guarantee we meet every clients requirements, we conduct a contract review with each customer prior to the commencement of production. We do our very best to meet the technical requirements in your preferred time frame. We will discuss delivery options, as well as any other factors affecting our customers' satisfaction.

A complete quality control process for manufacturing is developed for each PCB assembly. The Quality process is adapted to suit the unique requirements for individualized project.

A test plan is prepared for each project that includes in process testing and final testing as per the design requirements. Our manufacturing engineers develop individualized manufacturing process testing to ensure final testing meets or exceeds expectations.

Quality audits systems are in place to ensure final tested product meets engineering standards. Complete system is audited from component part#, assembly instructions, in process and final testing, labeling and final packaging to ensure it meets customer requirements.

To exceed our customer expectations, IEC consistently monitors customer satisfaction and promptly responds to all customer inquiries. We occasionally survey our customers allowing them to provide feedback so that we may improve upon our products and services.

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