PCB Assembly: Surface Mount, Thru Hole and Mixed Technology

Innovative Electronics Corporation (IEC) has invested in the latest and technologically advanced equipment to meet next generation PCB assembly requirements. Certified to UL, IPC 610. ISO-13485:2000 compliant processes. We are your partner in Rapid and Quick turn prototypes to Low and Mid Volume production requirements. We utilize our sister company, Ansen Corporation for high volume production runs.

PCB assembly capabilities:

  • State of the art MyData (MY100 SXE & MY15) Pick and Place machines.
  • DEK series 260 and 03ix Screen printers.
  • Vitronics & Electrovert reflow ovens.
  • AIR-VAC & Conceptronic BGA rework stations.
  • Mirtec AOI machine.
  • Leaded and RoHS wave solder machines.
  • Leaded and RoHS PCB assembly processes.
  • SMT capabilities (01005s, 0201s, Package on Package, BGA's, QFN's, uBGA's, etc).
  • Automated and semi automated PTH assembly.
  • Agilent / HP 3070 ICT testing system.
  • Expertise on multiple substrates (FR4, Aluminum clad, Copper, Ceramic, CEM1 & CEM3, Flexible PCB, etc).
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  • Top Electronic Manufacturer in Pittsburgh United State
  • PCB Assembly Prototype
  • PCB Assembly Prototype

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Our Values

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